Family Quarantine Support

  • How am I supposed to work from home while simultaneously trying to teach my kid math? 

  • Will this affect my college applications? What will happen with graduation? 

  • My teen seems depressed and listless with no structure to her days.

  • My mom keeps bugging me about chores when I should be living on my own at college right now! 

Amherst Cognitive Therapy wants to support families during this stressful time. We are available for family sessions.

Please contact us for more information.

Families are experiencing unprecedented challenges while school closures, social distancing, and self isolation/quarantine create tremendous stress under one roof. When family dynamics have tensions running high, we have some recommendations to help maintain sanity for everyone. 

Create Structure: This cannot be emphasized enough. It can be loose, but have a schedule and routine to your every day. Wake up and go to bed at the same time. Fit in intellectual/academic pursuits, creative (screen-free) time, and opportunities to talk with friends and family on a daily basis.

But Don’t Overdo Structure: for yourself or your kids. This is a crazy time, and playing super-parent while you are also trying to manage working from home and when and how to buy groceries isn’t going to help things.

Plan Family Meetings: You’ve done this for a couple of weeks now. Be collaborative! Listen to what is working and what isn’t. Be okay changing expectations from week to week. Learn by doing.

Prioritizing Alone Time: This cannot be stressed enough and applies to everyone in the family. Make it happen however you can - take an hour in your bedroom and close the door, go for a long walk in the woods, take a drive in your car. Value alone time because it is essential to being your best self when you’re all together.

Celebrating Family Time: What do you want to remember from this time? Watching an entire family-friendly TV series together every night? Campfires in the backyard? Creating a time capsule as a family from this epic time in history?

Video Family CBT Sessions: Whether you are new to our practice or have a developed relationship with one of our clinicians, we at Amherst Cognitive Therapy can help you with short term, goal oriented family therapy meetings to support you through the toughest times. It often only takes a session or two to get back on track. 

Moreover, if you are concerned about the well being of any of your family members in particular, we are available to provide individual video telehealth sessions.

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